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Indirect Comparisons and Meta-Analyses

In order to provide proof of evidence-based findings, indirect comparisons and meta-analyses are very important in early benefit assessments, and thus to demonstrate the additional benefit of a new pharmaceutical over the relevant comparative therapy.


The following services are provided by Ecker + Ecker:

  • Analysis planning and performance
  • Systematic literature search
  • Data extraction and validation
  • Raw data analysis with SAS and R (e.g. adaptation of population, subgroups, operationalisation of endpoints)
  • Indirect comparisons (Bucher´s method, mixed treatment comparison) and meta-analyses
  • Assessing indirect comparisons

Ecker + Ecker works in accordance with the internationally recognised standards of evidence-based medicine and in line with the G-BA requirements and IQWiG methods paper.



Please contact

Dr. Christof Ecker

Dr. Christof Ecker
Phone +49 (40) 41 33 081-13