Pembrolizumab (new indication: cervical cancer with PD-L1 expression with a CPS ≥ 1, in combination with or without bevacizumab)



  • Active Sustance: Pembrolizumab
  • Name: Keytruda®
  • Therapeutic area: Cervical cancer
  • Pharmaceutical company: MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH


Time table:

  • Start: 01.08.2022
  • Final decision by G-BA: 02.02.2023


Final decision:

  1. Adults for whom pembrolizumab is the first-line therapy: 
    a1. Pembrolizumab used in combination with cisplatin and paclitaxel or carboplatin and paclitaxel: Indication for a considerable additional benefit
    a2. Pembrolizumab used in combination with any chemotherapy other than cisplatin and paclitaxel or carboplatin and paclitaxel:
    No additional benefit proved
  2. Adults with first-line chemotherapy and for whom further antineoplastic therapy is being considered: No additional benefit proved