• Active Substance: Pazopanib
  • Name: Votrient®
  • Therapeutic area: Treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma
  • Pharmaceutical company: Novartis Pharma GmbH


Time table:

  • Publication of final assessment: September 2012


Assessment information:

  • Title: Treatment-naïve patients (first-line treatment) and cytokine pre-treated patients (second-line treatment) with advanced or metastatic (stage III-IV) renal cell carcinoma (patients ≥ 18 years or older; no restrictions according to performance status)
  • Author/Co-Author: AIFA (Italy), KCE (Belgium), GÖG (Austria), MHEC-DPA (Malta), HBV (Austria), RIZIV-INAMI (Belgium), AETSA (Spain), FIMEA (Finland), HAS (France), UCSC Gemelli (Italy), NIPHNO (Norway), CVZ (Netherland), Finohta/THL (Finland), NICE (UK)
  • Dedicated Reviewers: CAHIAQ (Spain), UCSC Gemelli (Italy), GYEMSZI (Hungary), CAST (Denmark), FOPH (Switzerland), NIPHNO (Norway), MoH Spain (Spain), UETS (Spain), AETSA (Spain), VEC (Latvia), RIZIV-INAMI (Belgium), IQWiG (Germany) , MoH Czech (Czech Republic), HAS (France)

G-BA assessment not available
Reason: First launch of Pazopanib was in 2010 (pre-AMNOG).