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Reference Pricing for Pharmaceuticals

In 1989, the first reference prices have been defined by authorities in Germany. They become relevant for pharmaceutical manufacturers upon expiry of market exclusivity at the latest, sometimes even earlier when “Jumbo Groups” are formed together with patent-protected and patent-free products. With AMNOG it is even possible to integrate pharmaceuticals directly into reference price groups.

Reference pricing follows well defined rules. Hence, it is possible to calculate reference prices in advance, to double check decisions by reimbursement authorities, and to develop your own reimbursement strategy involving reference pricing. Often details in the SmPC and in your selling strategy can make the difference. That is why it is so important to understand implications of regulatory and sales strategy on reference pricing, identify potential for improvement, and to act upon them.


Ecker + Ecker provides excellent long-term expertise in this complex field. Common projects are:

  • Simulation of new reference price groups
  • Updating existing reference price groups
  • Simulation of changes in prices or sales
  • Simulation of pack and market changes
  • Reference price risk analysis (also with regard to AMNOG)
  • Reference price trainings


Ecker + Ecker develops and sells its own software for the calculation of reference prices.


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