E + E Market Access Dossier

Achieving successful market access depends increasingly on communicating with stakeholders, such as key opinion leaders, scientific medical associations and health insurance companies. Contrary to the broad-communication approach used in classical pharmaceuticals marketing, communication is more specific here and must be centred on evidence-based medicine.

The Market Access Dossier is a tool that has been specifically developed to serve as a platform for discussions with stakeholders and it helps pharmaceuticals manufacturers to demonstrate the nature of their products in a convincing manner. It contains all of the facts and figures relevant to a pharmaceutical or medicinal product in a well-structured fashion, thus making these readily available for use in discussions.

Hence, the dossier is also a flexible presentation medium that can be used by field staff working in the area of health policy. Similarly, it provides all of the essential information about a pharmaceutical that might be required for internal staff trainings.

The Market Access Dossier deals with the following subjects in line with the requirements of evidence-based medicine:

  • comprehensive background on the disease and indication
  • description of the current German and international guidelines and HTA
  • comprehensive outline of statements of pharmaceutical evaluators
  • description of pharmaceutics and pharmacology
  • summary of results of clinical trials
  • analysis of systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • details of therapy costs, cost-effectiveness analyses and budget impact analyses
  • analysis of the care situation for the disease


The Market Access Dossier is a Powerpoint or PDF application with the following outstanding characteristics:

  • full and clear navigation
  • access to all relevant original documents
  • adaptation of content to customer requirements
  • design in accordance with corporate identity patterns
  • cross-platform application for iPad, notebook, PC or Android tablet


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