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The Ecker + Ecker statisticians work according to the international standards of evidence-based medicine. Analyses are carried out using SAS and R and take into account the requirements of the G-BA, the IQWiG methods papers, and the guidelines of EU HTA.

Indirect Comparisons and Meta-Analyses

In order to provide proof of evidence-based findings, indirect comparisons and meta-analyses are very important in early benefit assessments and will be in the upcoming EU HTA  in order to demonstrate the additional benefit of a new pharmaceutical over the relevant comparative therapy. Ecker + Ecker provides the following:

  • Analysis planning 
  • Systematic literature search
  • Data extraction and validation
  • Raw data analysis with SAS and R (e.g. adaptation of population, subgroups, operationalisation of endpoints)
  • Indirect comparisons (Bucher´s method, mixed treatment comparison) and meta-analyses
  • Assessing indirect comparisons

Clinical Trial Analysis for the Early Benefit Assessment

Due to specific requirements of the G-BA and IQWiG, it is often necessary to perform a reanalysis of clinical trials or part of clinical trials. Ecker + Ecker can revert to an extensive AMNOG expertise here. The services comprise:

  • Reanalysis of clinical trials according to the G-BA and IQWIG requirements
  • Recalculation of subgroups
  • Calculation of additional benefit
  • Calculation of indirect comparisons, (IPD-) meta-analyses, sensitivity analyses, matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAIC)
  • Compiling all results for dossier submission

Statistics Trainings

 Ecker + Ecker offers tailor-made expert trainings that can optionally be held either locally, in Hamburg, or online.

  • Basics of biostatistics for the licensing and assessment of medicinal products
  • Statistical requirements of early benefit assessment
  • Special topics: e.g. indirect comparisons, meta-analysis, surrogate validation 


 Publications on Statistics



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